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Xing Interactive Starts Record Label

Xing RecordsThis is great…Xing (known in the mobile content world for Xingtone and other mobile content) has started a record label. “The crossover opportunities to our other businesses are phenomenal” says President and CEO Alex de Vries. “We can create games music from our music signings and promote our music through inclusion in the games. For mobile content we are creating ringtones from the most popular songs to add an extra dimension. This is synergy as it was intended.” says Xing Records’ A&R Manager Bernd Loorbach. Their list of artists only has 12 names, all electronic music mostly produced on Propellerheads Reason system, which is pretty useful as soundtracks to games and other visual content. The best part for Xing is easier copyright negotiations…

Also, Cingular has announced the launch of Cingular Sounds, which debuts new singles on mobiles before they are heard anywhere else. “The company will kick off Cingular Sounds with an exclusive 30-second ringtone from Coldplay’s “Speed of Sound,” the lead single from the band’s forthcoming album, X&Y, which will be released by Capitol Records on June 7.” At the beginning it will be most useful for new singles from established artists, which will draw people to the service, but later it will be a good way to promote new artists as well…

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