Vint Cerf loves BitTorrent

Vint Cerf, one of the fathers of the Internet is a firm believer in open networks and believe that the potential of technologies like VoIP and BitTorrent is unimaginable. Cerf believes that BitTorrent can reduce the strain on todays networks and also prove to a good way for service providers to get a return on investment they have sunk into their networks. Unfortunately it won’t help them lock-up the consumer access business, he told The Australian. Still it could lead to a new era in “internet publishing.” I am assuming he is talking about video logging and podcasting. Cerf predicts that broadband applications will “spread to appliances, health research, motor transport, stock monitoring, medical facilities and just about everything else.” On topic of VoIP he pointed out that “any attempt to regulate voice-over-IP like telephones will prevent those being regulated from participating in the wide range of activities that come with voice. But, of course, voice-over-IP will gradually make telephone regulation irrelevant”


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