Enron Broadband Trial to Start Soon


2005 is turning out to be a nightmare year for Broadbandits who are now facing their moment of truth in the courts. After Bernie Ebbers got his due, now the US government is turning its focus on Enron’s broadband business, and in a two month long trial is likely to make a case that these guys were nothing but crooks. On trial are going to folks like Ken Rice. His testimony should be hilarious, given his exceptional knowledge of the broadband business. In many ways Enron Broadband and dummies who ran the operation prompted incessant price cuts, and brutal price wars in the bandwidth arena. It was Enron’s entry into the bandwidth market which led to other energy companies to jump in, build networks and then flame out. (You can read all about it in Broadbandits!) Reuters reports that the “jury selection is set for April 18 and could last two days as attorneys and Gilmore whittle 189 candidates down to a 12-person panel with four alternates.”

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