Britain braces for broadband battles


UK Online threw down the gauntlet and dropped the prices for its broadband service down to $20 a month, openly taunting British Telecom and AOL among others to cut prices or lose market share. Nearly 5 million britons get their broadband over DSL, most of it over BT infrastructure, which is resold by nearly 200 ISPs. BT itself has 35% of the total market. Damnit why don’t we have something like this in the US. Falling prices, always good for the consumer. More here!


Rob Evans

the 9.99ukp price is only if your exchange is unbundled. If your exchange isn’t unbundled it’s 19.99ukp.

Imagine what it’d be like if BT took their foot of the brake….8mb all over the shop for less than 20usd and uptake of broadband incrased by millions.

oh well we can dream..back to whinging at OFCOM.


if you wanna check out a pricewar look at france, its gone keeerazy over there

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