Whatever happened to ePeriodicals?


Almost three years ago Microsoft touted a mechanism for bringing magazine type content to PCs, especially Tablet PCs.  I have not heard anything about this service since.  Anybody know what happened to it?  Here’s a screen clip from one of the original articles that mentioned it in October 2002.



Brendan Watson

Check out EmPRINT! (http://digmo.com/emprint/). It’s a project by the Missouri School of Journalism and the Reynolds Journalism Institute to produce a newspaper especially formatted for the Tablet PC (though it can be read on any computer), where as other digital editions are simply copies of the print edition with some hyperlinks.

Cameron Reilly

the other problem with Zinio mags are the ads!!! ADS ADS ADS ADS ADS. Magazines seem to be 80% ads these days. I can’t stand it.

Marc Orchant

A new version of Zinio Reader (3.0) was just released last month that offers better performance and (reportedly) an improved file format. It works great on my Tablet PC and I much prefer reading digital magazines to the dead tree version. My only complaint is the relative paucity of titles offered. The tech category is well-served but I’d love to see more news, politics, arts, etc. titles offered.


I had Zinio for awhile, but I just never read my magazines.. too busy, sadly. it did seem adaquate, although there were minor visual design problems with it..


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