Google VoIP Again!!!

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Like a scab a five year old tries to pick again and again, people are not letting go of Google’s VoIP plans, despite no evidence that there is any. Damn, even their latest filings with SEC said so. A self professed pundit over at Motley Fool, VoIP Weblog and even Andy (et tu brutus?) are bringing up a story which doesn’t have any legs. He says Google execs are buying Sipura adapters. I saw Micrserfs buy cheesecake in Brooklyn – does that mean, they might make a run at the Brooklyn Bridge?

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Aswath Rao

So if they do indeed offer a VoIP, what is it going to be? Another PSTN interconnection service where “the pennies are”? And that too with user interface limited ATAs? If it is yellow pages service as James Seng suggested, then how is it going to be different and better than the owners themselves adding click-to-dial button on their web page? How can Google influence the masses to put on headsets while browsing?

Granted we may not be as bright as Googlians (after all they can solve puzzles on the billboard), at least let us be inventive.

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