What to do with fallen CRM angels


Salesforce.com might the only CRM player doing all right these days. My dear friend Sramana Mitra who has just started blogging (one feed which is well worth adding to your aggregator!) , and she has some suggestions for other forgotten CRM players. She thinks there is a way someone like E.Piphany can be saved. Sramana writes

If you look around in the CRM space, E.piphany is still better than the other fallen stars like Kana, eGain, and so forth. …. E.piphany looks like a lonely, passive girl at the ball who doesn’t get asked to dance, but keeps hoping she would be. Meanwhile, she ages and withers.



salesforce is not that bad..

Each CRM system has its vision & methodology and each business will choose a CRM meets their expectation.

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CRM Software

The latest outages with Salesforce.com might slow thier sales for the quarter, but other rivals are winning the customers that are leaving Salesforce.

Rami Hamodah

It is not true. In the hosted CRM space all players are doing extremely well this year except Siebel Ondemand.

At Salesboom.com, we have been increasing our reveneues over 130% quarter over quarter.

Rami Hamodah

Daniel Spisak

Salesforce.com is ok Om but I’ve seen them come into some big companies and rollout their product and then have internal developers come up with better tools then the Salesforce.com stuff and end up transitioning back to the internal tools. But perhaps their stuff fits better then compared to my experience in the cable broadband arena.

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