techADDICTION Show #5 is live!


The techADDICTION Show #005- 10th April 2005 (56min 30sec)  MP3 – 19.5MB

Another good show this week where Kevin and I discuss a lot of Windows Mobile topics, play a few comments from the techADDICTION Skype line, talk about the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, lament a dead UPC, and offer up the first techADDICTION slap to a vendor. All in all just another good show. Comments and feedback are welcome as always.

00:25 Intro- Kevin Tofel & James Kendrick

JK not allowed in Pennsylvania

00:52 Sony U is a brick

Dynamism to the rescue

Indefinite battery life

07:20 We are the featured podcast of the month on!

09:39 Windows Mobile- BlackBerry killer

17:35 JK & KT debate Today Screen Plugins- use or not

JK wins (guess who did the show notes?)

21:55 Task Plus plugin for Windows Mobile

Pocket Informant

Call the techADDICTION Skype line

25:00 RooMobile

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition

26:50 New Skype for Pocket PC

29:07 Skype used for music broadcasting

Be careful who is recording your Skype calls

Texas and recording phone calls

33:50 Brief pause for the cause

35:55 PocketMac for the PSP

38:20 HDTV USB stick

40:47 Messages to the TA Skype line

Ed from Florida
Mixcast Live

Ian from the UK
Motion Tablet PCs

The Tablet PC Show

Jack from somewhere

First techADDICTION slap- eReader Pro for Pocket PC

53:50 Wrap up- Music from One Egg Ticket



PA, recovery on a UPC is actually easier as it can be done with just an external drive. A Pocket PC requires another computer to sync with. Of course, you can extract all the CAB files for each program you use on the Pocket PC, restore a backup from a memory card and accomplish the same thing but it would take almost as much time to prepare for that as it does to rebuild or restore a UPC. BTW, what do you mean you don’t always listen to the techADDICTION Show? There’s an RSS feed, you know. :)

mystery person

OK, I’m trying to listen while at work, definite sound problem. Had to turn up volume to hear JK but KT came through REALLY loud.


Man, you need to sedate your dogs jk… ;)

Good show this week. I had to listen in when I saw “Sony U is a brick.”

So do you plan on writing an article about the pitfalls of a handtop?

When your Sony U became a brick after using Partition Magic and recovery was a bear, it really reminds me of the strength of the PocketPC in this same regard when it comes to recovery–hard reset and ActiveSync recovery.

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