Questioning Google News


So finally bloggers have started to question Google News’ policy on including bloggers. Robert Scooble writes, “why are some sites, that look an awful lot like opinion blogs, on Google News, but other bloggers like, say, Dave Winer’s aren’t? The hubbub started after Dave Winer was rejected by Google News. I had pointed out this problem earlier in my post, End of the Personal Blogger. Yahoo is no different, but the way! Jason has somethings to say as well.


Om Malik

it can’t be that. its just what they decide what is going to go in. i think you are right dave – you have been been talking about it for a while. my bad.

Dave Winer

Thanks for the link, but the discussion isn’t new, I’ve been asking this question for a few years. I keep bringing it up hoping it’ll get wider attention, something which you’ve helped with. Thanks! Click on my name below for a searh query on Google News on my weblog…

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