EV-DO, finally gets traction

Andy and Jeff both EV-DO, I don’t. I am going to be soon in a minority, if you believe this story in News Factor. Verizon officials, the report says, are pretty happy with the take-up rate of its 300-500 Kbps EV-DO service. “It’s been beyond our expectations,” Bruce Simon, associate director of advanced technologies for Verizon Wireless, told NewsFactor. The demand is prompting them to boost their coverage and enhance their infrastructure. “Verizon is usually pretty cautious,” Jane Zweig, CEO of The Shosteck Group told NewsFactor and added, “They wouldn’t be spending what they’re spending if they didn’t see the results. Certainly, Verizon’s success has caused their competitors to react.” I wonder when Sprint, Cingular and T-Mobile respond. Sprint will be the fastest, I assume. T-Mobile is the one with no plans – they must be counting on WiFi!


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