Software Entrepreneurs: Think of the Mac

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While no one would argue against the windows platform’s dominant market share, Om Malik points out that throwing a significant bone out to our thriving Mac Community just might go a long way in creating a potentially lucrative “buzz” about a new product:

Being part of this so-called cult of Mac, I know I’ll try out pretty much any Mac-related product or software. Precisely because of our small numbers, Mac users are willing early adopters. A Mac product, if done right, can easily attract half a million users within a few weeks without the developer spending any marketing dollars … [read-on for more]

A very interesting read

While certain applications are by their nature very-much platform specific, I have very high hopes for the fine work the Open-Source Community has put out in the last few years with the XUL Platform. XUL defines both an application shell and an application development platform. Mozilla Firefox, the world’s best web browser, was built entirely on-top of XUL, even feels faster than Safari, and runs on just about every operating system out there. Software developers who seek to build cross-platform applications ought to take a good look at XUL.

I don’t mean to come-off as a heretic, but has anybody also found that Firefox sometimes feels faster than Safari on Mac OS X 10.3 ? Has anybody done comparisons on early betas of Tiger ?

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