Chris Pratley- OneNote for audio and video notes


Marc Orchant and I are both big OneNote users and we talked about the tool at length in the last Tablet PC Show podcast.  Marc mentioned Chris Pratley on the show who is far more knowledgable about OneNote than either of us.  When Chris Pratley talks about OneNote people listen, and well they should, for as the product manager for OneNote Chris is always writing about unique ways to leverage the power of the note-taking platform.  He has just published an article on his blog that points out how media-related people are using OneNote and it is an interesting read.  He gives a basic "how-to" for using audio in OneNote and have it synchronize to the specific spot on your note page, something Marc and I discussed on the last show.  A really cool way of using OneNote:

A teacher directing a school play used OneNote video recording and a "real" video camera to record rehearsal and take notes in OneNote. After the rehearsal, it was easy to click on the notes and show the players where their acting, timing, or position was off.

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