Sony Should Not CrackDown on PSP Hacks


PSP PlanetWith PSP Hacks coming thick and fast, many like MIT Technology have started to wonder if Will Sony Crack Down on PSP Hacks? “The decision on how to react to this PSP hack is a tough one indeed. Any company has a right to defend its intellectual property, but Sony must weigh the balance between coming down hard on this hack and gently steering users away from more malicious modifications,” writes MIT Technology Review. I don’t think it should be something SNE should bother with. The hacks are only prompting the platform which despite all the buzz has sold 500,000 units. They need to let the innovation run wild, if they want to rule a PSP planet. What more, they don’t have any digital chops to act all high and mighty.



Sony hacked the PSP first, no phone,PS3 controller,flash/java/wmplayer, online video viewer/player, VIDEO option was removed for saved videos(standard format), online T.V., camera,ext. when sony realized the psp was an openend,homebrewing, emulating, machine that they had such little faith in, to save their butts they built more firmwares(on games which is illegal) by hacking the sys. via openended hacking tools not aurthorized by sony.IN SHORT THEY MESSED UP NOT US.


lets be reasonable….sony must leave hackers run hombebrew….i paid for my psp leave run homebrew….but sony must not allow emulators because those game are nintendo games… must make an “emulator” for his own games…..playing games like xenogears again on my psp would be cool


do you guys even remotely understand how sony makes money? sony doesn’t make money from selling the psp at all. If everybody is playing downloaded old games, how the hell can sony make money out of psp?


Are you retarded?
Sony makes millions-billions off the PSP system.
Less on the games of course, but even with all the hackers, people still buy the games.
If Sony didn’t pull out a profit, they wouldn’t be making the UMD’s anymore, would they?


Well, sony wouldnt be mad but nintendo would really be mad if they knew that sony is supporting hackers to make n64 and gba roms. By these days roms on the computer is easy to get and saves u alot of money. Just imagine how much money nintendo is going to be losing for all those people who have a 1.5 firmware.


They won’t let hacks become avaiable for there system but they license porn? what is there reasoning


I think Sony will eventually alienate the majority of teenagers who want to be creative with there PsP. One would wonder why Sony has yet to embrace its own powerful system with new ideas, programs or emulators by other individual. Don’t be greedy Sony


They should certainly help the hackers along in some way, at least with emulaters. I can understand being fidgety with the UMD information, but the more minor hacks would certainly promote sales ALOT. Last night when I was looking for media that would fit on my 32MB card (I couldent afford a game with the system…) I stumbled on to the hacker scene and instantly went all out on the emulaters only to find out that my “new“ version couldent run them…poop…


I think that if Sony is going to crack down on the hackers, they should at least put out their own mods for the PSP. I know that I want to be able to download like old-school games directly to my memory stick and play them. I mean, how cool would it be if you could just download Tetris to your PSP to play whenever you wanted? That would be the coolest thing ever. Or even if they got some emulators going so that you could emulate old PS1 games off it? I would love my PSP that much more. It’s the coolest piece of hardware I’ve ever gotten. I even use it for business purposes :)

thien huynh

yeah sony is sick they think they can stop the hackers but look what happened to the ps2 there are modchips and boot disks and there ps1 only needed a little chip to play backed up games. sony should just stop bothering the hackers because if people see how much more the psp can do the more people will buy the psp to mod or hack it.

Mario Cortes Jr.

These Hacks are promoting the PSP. I know two guys who bought the PSP and the game Wipeout just for the browser. Thats over $500.00 right there because of a Hack. Sony if you are listening leave those Hackers alone. Infact come out with a (Game)UMD that has a really cool browser with playable trailers and such…

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