SkypeHeadset- use your BT headset with Skype

SkypeHeadset is an interesting application that simplifies trying to use a Bluetooth headset with Skype.  I am a big fan of Skype and use it all the time but it’s so much trouble to get my Motorola headset working with Skype that I never bother.  This may change with SkypeHeadset which makes this process much simpler.  From the SkypeHeadset website:

  • Works with all popular Bluetooth headsets
  • Pick-up or hang-up Skype calls using the headset
  • Quick-dial a contact using the headset
  • Auto-dial a contact when they appear online
  • Mute/unmute a call from the headset

The latest version works with Skype conference calls so it sounds like a winner.  I hope to have a review of the program soon.  $10.


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