Shark Attack beta for Pocket PC


If you’re always on the lookout for good games for your Pocket PC you should note that binoteq has released a beta of a cool looking game, Shark Attack.

During the prospecting mission in Bermuda triangle area your fighting submarine has appeared in the epicentre of opponent’s confidential experiment on time management. Something went wrong. Together with a test model your nuclear submarine with the newest torpedos of a ‘Poseidon’ class and deep bombs on board, has been moved into… year 2050. The world suffers from world terrorism attacks. Criminal syndicates of terrorist groupings and the countries of an ‘evil axis’ are in the real war with weakening forces of UAC – United Antiterrorist Coalition. And now battle-field is ocean depth. You should battle in space and time to restore the world order. But for this purpose you should find out the reasons of such a fast growth of terrorists power. Forward to the past! Back to the future! Become the hero in present and future. Or Die!


(via Pocket PC Addict)

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