British Telecom rides the DSL Boom

Most incumbents should take a cue from British Telecom, which now has 5 million customers. Wow! That’s just 100,000 shy of SBC which has a footprint many times the size of BT’s home territory. Reports say that BT actually hit the target a year ahead of schedule, and it hooked up last million customers in just four months. I guess that whole wholesale strategy is working out for the company. By the way that adds up to one new user every 10 seconds. Mark Blowers of analyst Butler Group told VNUNet, “You have to give BT credit for delivering ahead of time and it is moving in the right direction, but the main thing is the services and there doesn’t seem to be much focus on delivering these.” BT currently offers 2 megabits per second connections, though it is experimenting with a 18-mbps service. BT also knows that cable operators are gearing up for competition and has a narrow window of opportunity to take leadership position in the market.


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