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Personalization Moves Past The Handset

Ringtone Personalization is often touted as the driving force for uptake of mobile content – proponents of the theory point to the fact that the largest markets, ringtones and wallpapers, are all about personalizing your handset and standing out from the crowd. A new service has been launched to personalize ringtones even more by allowing people to replace certain words with whatever word they choose. Lyricize boasts their catalogue contains over 2,000 english names, covering 90 percent of the english-speaking population, and offers a variety of tunes and occasions to choose from. Unfortunately all the examples I could access at the site played the same tune – Guantanamera – and were attached to ecards rather than ringtones.

The concept is good, but the execution might come across as a little tacky (although I won’t know until I hear it), and the $7.99 price tag is possibly a little steep. What could be a better business is the parent company, Miyow, offering businesses the chance to personalize their ads. They’d have to know your name, but that shouldn’t be too difficult since you normally have to register somewhere to receive multimedia mobile ads anyway. There’s also the suggestion of personalized versions of hits… now your favorite singer can sing that love song directly at you… (from Ringtonia)

Check out another project which allows you to use SMS and camera pictures to create a short hip-hop music video