Broadband Bits, April 7, 2005

  • The Philadelphia Plan: The “Wireless Philadelphia” network released their Request for Proposal today and expects their huge, 135 square-mile “city cloud” to be completed by late summer 2006. Philadelphia released the business plan with an RFP (pdf) and Business Plan (pdf) available on their web site. (via.)
  • Wi-Fi Networking News Archives: The number of hotspots in India is expected to grow tenfold with 3,000 active by December. (via.)
  • Cable Digital News: Comcast Corp., Time Warner Cable and Charter Communications are all trying out ways to turn the promising Wi-Fi business into a profitable one for them.
  • India’s Simputer Fails: Four years ago, a low-cost handheld dubbed the Simputer was touted as a way to give villagers in poorer countries access to computing power. That dream remains elusive.
  • The Obstacle to VoIP: the true question about VoIP, its future, and its regulation comes down to one issue – port blocking.
  • F-Secure : Fontal.A., a SIS file trojan that installs a corrupted file which causes phone to fail at reboot. And how to fix the problem!
  • Fractals of Change: Successful companies are market driven rather than technology driven and everybody knows that a market driven company asks its customers what they want rather than asking its engineers what they want to build.
  • Mark Evans sees a new business model for TV: he idea stems from the usefulness of Torrent sites such as where you can download television shows you may have missed.

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