Sony posts U750P drivers


In what can only be described as a most timely move, UAddict today reports that the Sony Support Site has posted the drivers for the US U750P.  The new site also has a lot of support information for Sony U owners and is a must stop for if you have one.  It looks like they haven’t posted any of the original applications for those who need to rebuild their U but the rest of the stuff is pretty good.  I don’t see the Gunze Touchpad drivers anywhere nor the Sony Keyboard driver so this driver list may not be everything you need to completely rebuild your U.  I am still glad to see Sony get on the ball with support.



Who knows at this point; Sony’s given no word. Hopefully not.

..hopefully they’ll just release an updated model (U800P or something). ;)



James, is the U750 ever going to be rereleased in the US?

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