Matt Drudge’s UnWired Broadband Life

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Matt Drudge will have competition from Nick Denton’s Sploid or as I like to call it – yet another tabloid/gossip site. Smashing. New York Observer points out that the reason Drudge has been able to compete and stay on top is because he blogs from anywhere, anytime.

He operates from anywhere he chooses, most recently from his new ‘newsroom,’ a brand-new 2005 Mustang GT that he outfitted with a broadband connection. (He engaged in a recent instant-messenger conversation discussing his would-be challengers while sitting in the parking lot of a Chinese restaurant in his hometown of Miami.)

EV-DO? I would love to have that broadband unwired lifestyle.

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ok, so maybe drudge’s site isn’t graphically the prettiest thing, but it is readable which is more than I can say for sploid….

it take more than just saying you’re gonna make a good site to make it so and have folks keep coming back for more ….as you well know.

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