Its a half billion dollar PON


Fiber to the home, or the curb or the premise or whatever is growing like crazy! Proof? Look at the booming sales of passive optical networking gear. Infonetics Research points out that PON sales in 2004 were $525 million and will top $2.2 billion in 2008. I am pretty sure this is going to be helped by the rollout of the Verizon FTTH networks. Asia took in 76% of worldwide PON revenue in 2004, followed by North America with 20%. By 2008, Asia Pacific will make up 39% of worldwide PON revenue, with North America clocking in at 43%. World’s largest PON network is operated by NTT which is now switching to an even beefier version – Gigabit Ethernet PON. GPON is s a flexible option for providers because it is designed to handle Ethernet, IP, and ATM traffic, and can stream video over IP or a separate analog wavelength. GPON offers roughly twice the capacity of EPON.

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