Cell+VoWiFI Hybrid Phones in 2006

Gary Forsee, the man who has helped turn around Sprint in a flash and re-focused the company on wireless believes that 2006 is the year when you could see most business people walking around with hybrid phones that combine wifi and cellular networks. According to Boston Globe, Forsee believes that internet calling at home and work and cellular dialing while on the go could be the future of communications. AT&T chief David Dorman has predicted a similar future as well. Sprint believes that cable providers will be the first ones to rollout these hybrid phones. Time Warner is experimenting with a four-play offering in Kansas, and could very well bring out wi-fi+cell combos to market. Others such as Comcast are exploring wireless options as well. As an aside, if Sprint+Nextel deal gets done, Forsee gets a $20 million bonus. That’s called a sales call!