Yahoo, Mojo and Newsweek

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Newsweek via MSNBC: When Rosensweig came to Yahoo in 2002, the company had become a piñata. Its reputation, stock price and employee morale were all getting repeatedly whacked. But last week an article being passed around the blogosphere was titled “How Yahoo Got Its Mojo Back.” The company has clearly recovered.

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Robert Young

Well Om, kudos to you for nailing it on the head… again! And FWIW, I completely agree that Y!’s cool again. Heck, I’ve ditched my RSS client and toolbar and my home is MyYahoo/toolbar (which means I spend a lot of hours per day on Y!).

They’re (via JZ et al) being very open (vs. the secrecy of you know who) and that’s going to prove vital to their continuing success. But it does make product dev challenging and that’s why (unlike some in the b’sphere) I actually think their 360 strategy is a good one as it keeps development much more manageable (smart!).

Now if they do the same with video over the Internet, I wouldn’t be surprised if Y! becomes the first company in US history to increase their market cap by an order of magnitude in shortest amount of time.

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