Streaming Radio on Phones… why?

So I would love to revisit this news in six months, and then point out that some ideas like streaming radio streams on to cell phones is just plain dumb idea. Even if the wireless networks had bandwidth to waste – which they don’t – the concept of radio on the phone is pretty dumb. Just like the idea of streaming TV to the phone inspired folks like TI and Qualcomm to think about bringing TV to the phones using non-cellular networks, I see the same thing in cell phones as well. FM radio receivers can be and are being embedded in cellphones and that’s just an add-on. I wonder how successful the service MSpot Radio, first available to Sprint wireless customers, who have one of these two phones – Sanyo MM-5600 and MM-7400. Initial offer includes 13 channels of either live or on-demand music, news and talk. Those who happen to be dumb enough to believe that streaming is the answer – well here is a nice little piece for your education. Oh and lets chat in six months, and see how many folks have really signed up for this service.


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