Skype’s Tipping Point


Richard says, “Skype was basically nothing new, but it was launched exactly at the right time and in the right context.” The reason for its growing popularity – third party applications. Its open-API just might save its closed garden approach to IP telephony. More recent third party apps – Outlook Skype – is going to keep Windowsochists happy! is catching on – nice!



I use it, but not for the third party apps.

Skype alone is generally easy, high quality on LANs and broadband, and appears to be more secure than other IM and voice clients.

The third party apps appear to be unstable throw togethers.

Communication is still a killer app.


With the mass popularity comes the mass attention from those wanting to block.

Who will ISP’s feel they need to shut out the most? Who will be their main target?

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