OrangeGuava 1.2 preview available for download


A new preview version of OrangeGuava is now available for those users who can’t wait to try the new features.  To participate in the beta email the developer at  beta at orangeguava dot com.  Here’s a list of the new features as found on the developer’s blog:

  • Transparent image backgrounds
  • Areas repainted during moving/sizing
  • New Area move pen mode replaces area handles
  • Thumbnail images used where available
  • Icons enlarged as the pen moves over them
  • Support for non-filesystem icons (My Computer, Network Places etc)
  • Complete shell context menus (send to, open with, new folder etc)
  • Easier conversion between areas and icons
  • Quick New Area defaults to color of standard desktop
  • More efficient painting and collision detection
  • Cursors set to match pen mode
  • Reliable icon grid handling
  • Relative position of areas and icons no longer changes unexpectedly
  • Support for multiple monitors/extended desktop in different orientations
  • Double click anywhere to zoom to an area
  • More efficient loading on startup

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