NextWeb Boosts LA Network


NextWeb, a California fixed-wireless Internet service provider for business, will expand its coverage area that will now span the Greater Los Angeles area. The expansion will come in four phases, the first of which was completed in March 2005. As part of phase one, NextWeb has installed three high-end base stations in downtown Los Angeles, and can now offer 100Mbps connections on its network. In phases two, three and four of the expansion, expected to be completed by the end of the year, coverage will span across Los Angeles County, Ontario in the Inland Empire. NextWeb already has an extensive network throughout Orange County to the south and Ventura and Santa Barbara counties to the north. NextWeb has about 2000 business users as of now!



Colorbroadband has more extensive and high speed coverage than any ISP in Los Angeles. They service my sites most anywhere i’v wanted it. Nor Tower stream, or nextweb could do it. Color Exists everywhere VoIP

Rhea Stafford

Just had a guy from NextWeb here to install T1 line, asked if he knew of any work, he gave me his card, looked up NextWeb and found your blog. Hope you are well. Doing fine here, just not making enough $. Beware, I might use you for a reference. Thanks for the memories.

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