Juniper, Real Winner of MCI BuyOut


Law of unintended consequences – Juniper Networks might be the real winner in the MCI buyout. MCI has been one of Juniper’s biggest customers, and well hasn’t been spending much money (not that it had any) to upgrade its infrastructure. Either of the two likely buyers – Qwest or Verizon – would have to spend some serious dollars as they try and upgrade the creaking MCI network. (That story some other time!) Verizon has indicated that it might spend about $2 billion on upgrading the network over three years – not much, but still quite a bit from Juniper’s perspective. JNPR has done a good job of getting traction with big phone operators and could see some decent wins as a result. Lin thinks Verizon is going to win this one, and if it does, Juniper earnings per share could jump by about 2 pennies a share.”If Qwest were to be the winner, we expect little change from the status quo of very low spending with Juniper,” says Albert Lin, analyst with American Technology Research. Just for context, at one time WorldCom accounted for 14% of Juniper sales.

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