The Tablet PC Show #4 is online!


Marc Orchant is back as co-host and Tablet mayhem ensues. MindManager is one of the main topics of the day as we discuss unusual ways mind maps can be useful. OneNote tips and tricks that can be used on any computer are covered including a screen clipping tool for non-Tablets. The podcast is rounded out with a good source of information about Tablets and information about a good free program that now works properly for the ink enabled. We hope you enjoy this show as much as we did recording it and feel free to leave feedback, suggestions and comments on The Tablet PC Show blog. This is really your show and we need you to tell us what you want to hear on future shows.

The Tablet PC Show #4 – 5th April 2005 (48min 14sec)   MP3 – 16.6MB

00:00 Intro- James Kendrick & Marc Orchant

Intro music by Paul Manoogian of One Egg Ticket written expressly for the TabletPC Show

01:25 OneNote Demo Video

08:10 OneNote Power Toys

Outlook to OneNote
Outlook Image Writer
Drag and drop in OneNote
OneNote Screen Clipping

11:52 MindManager on the Tablet PC

12:55 Ultimate Meetings Management Tool- Patrick Mayfield

Using MindManager for tracking employee objectives

18:40 MindJet blogs

Hobart’s MindJet Weblog
The MindJet Blog

23:46 Interesting uses for mind maps

Tracking blog conversations
Visual RSS reader

29:05 Eric Mack still doesn’t have a Tablet PC

34:25 Channel 9 Tablet PC Wiki

Tablet PC Wiki RSS feed

38:20 Copernic Desktop Search fixed for the Tablet PC

Download the fix here
Lora Heiny to the rescue again

42:55 JK’s an MVP!

45:22 Wrap up

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