Experience Pack for Tablet PC released- get it

Experience_packMicrosoft has released the Experience Pack for the Tablet PC (English language only) and all Tablet owners should grab this now.  The Pack brings six programs and every one is a winner.  The new Snipping Tool has been anxiously awaited for a while and it is just a joy to use.  Great interface and the functionality is exactly right, at least for me.  Ink Desktop gives you the ability to add ink notes right on the desktop where it is available for constant reference.  Ink Art is a full painting on canvas type of program and Art Rage users will recognize the roots of this program.  Ink Crossword is a crossword puzzle program that uses the interface of the Tablet PC to perfection and features a daily downloadable puzzle.  Media Transfer makes it easy to keep your Tablet PC filled with photos, music and video from other computers on your network.  The Energy Blue desktop theme has been available for a while but Microsoft has added a great Windows Media Player skin to the theme that not only looks good but works well with the pen of the Tablet.  I have been using these tools for a while and they are every one a real winner so what are you waiting for?  Go get it!



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