Now Shopping for Photo Service


Rafat Ali asks the question – is there a photo-blogging related buyout in the works? Good question. Jeff Clavier has something here when he narrows down buyers to CNet or Google. Between these two, they have bought a couple of companies related to photo-related services. Google has Picasa and but missed out on Flickr which opted for Yahoo instead. So who could be buyout target? Fotolog is one and my bet is Smugmug which had about 51,000 customers & 17.1 million photos! And then there is ShutterFly – a VC backed start-up. It has a wireless component as well! Stay tuned!


Om Malik

actually it is not. i have not been able to confirm the name yet, and well we will let rafat do all the hard work this time around.


hey om, i didn’t ask the question: i have the answer :) i just can’t diclose it yet…jeff’s almost nailed it//

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