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India going WiMAX

Indian ISP, DishNet is going to start selling fixed wireless services within 60 days in eight major metros and eventually bring the total number of cities served to 38. The service offering is going to range between 128 kilobits per second to a full megabit per second. Basic package is going to start at about $7 a month. Dishnet had already set up five WiMax base stations in Madras and around 150 customers to its existing (WiFi) services were already beta testing the fixed wireless service. Dishnet hopes that this will help boost the broadband penetration from current levels. Company estimates a measly 400,000 folks have broadband access in India right now. [More Here. ] Interestingly, Alcatel has formed an alluance with Indian telecom company C-Dot and will set up a WiMAX related research lab in India. Alcatel believes that broadband wireless and particularly WiMax is appropriate technology for India keeping in mind the requirements of the rural sector,” Ravi Sharma, president, Alcatel (South Asia) told Economic Times. “Coupled with engineering competence, India becomes a natural choice for setting up such a research centre.”

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  1. Wilayat Khan

    I am a faculty member of COMSTATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan. WiMax is going famous in our country. To run in parallel in this competition, our institute has decided to establish a WiMax lab, for our students in graduation. please list the important equipments required for the WiMax lab with alternatives, their Make, price, area of the lab and other important stuffs.

    please send me these inforamtion through my email: [email protected]

    with kind regards,

    Wilayat Khan

  2. chris

    i would like to setup an ISP based on wimax technology in lagos nigeria ,can any one plz suggest me about the licence required,equipments and to setup a complete wimax base station

  3. Hi i want to setup an ISP based on wimax technology in hyderabad,can any one plz suggest me about the licence required,equipments and to setup a complete wimax base station

  4. Gladstone

    Hi Om,
    any chances of Wi-Fi starting in Goa.. Please try to do so as early as possible.. i shall be ur first client.. and a lot of people r waiting for this service to hit goa..

  5. Hi Om –
    Do you hear any info from TRAI that what would be the frequency bands they would allocate (plan to) for WiMAX deployment in India. Though few trials have started in unlicensed bands – the large scale commercial deployment still remains a question for the operators/service providers to make a selection for infrastructure equipment manufacturers.

  6. Pranav Shanker

    Hi Om,

    Good to hear about WiMax is catching up in india and it surely can offer the solution to the existing non reliable services that we get from ISP’s in india. I was looking for some info and i hope if you can help me with it. I wanted to know if i can find out which all frequency band in india have been allocated and to whom. I tried contacting DoT and TRAI but they were not able to help me out with it

    Thanks in advance


    P.S. My email address is [email protected]

  7. Dinesh Nambiar

    Is there any site that gives detailed information about the equipment required and the procedure to setup a Wimax Base station.

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Yes, they did sell their DSL business to Tata, which is now a part of Tata Indicom. I had a chance of meeting the person who heads the WiMax initiative and they definitely are very optimistic about this initiative. The challenges of laying the fibre, pulling cables and dealing with cables getting cut (so many ways of this!) etc. should disappear. My company has used Dishnet for a long time and we have experienced this first hand. WiMax (which too has its own challenges) should help, I hope!

  9. Sanjay

    I was trying to find any information on Dishnet DSL – but it is almost impossible to find any working link to their homepage. Very strange for an ISP. If any of the readers can find their home page, please list it here for the others.