Wndows Mobile 2005- BlackBerry killer?

When pictures and information about the next version of Windows Mobile, code named Magneto, leaked onto the web many people (myself included) were less than impressed.  A lot of people have been somewhat disappointed with the lack of whiz bang new features that you might expect in the first major OS update in over two years.  Paula Rooney of CRN sees it very differently and has written an interesting article that describes Magneto as a "BlackBerry killer".

Ms. Rooney feels that the overdue inclusion of push email technology in Exchange Server Pack 2 (which has been licensed to Symbian and Palm), coupled with enhanced keyboard support in Magneto will provide OEMs with a good base to offer Windows Mobile devices based on a BlackBerry form factor.  This is intriguing to say the least and if this logic is correct the next version of Windows Mobile will bring the Smartphone directly into the corporate setting.  The article is a good read for anyone interested in the future of Windows Mobile and the Pocket PC.


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