The Mobile Music DRM Quandry


There is a lot of hope for mobile music and phone operators are counting on music to bring in the big dollars. I don’t think they can count their pounds, euros, dollars or dinars just as yet, because its not going to happen. There are just too many problems and too many issues to resolve. I have heard from various sources that the whole space is beset by greed and the recent flap over iTunes-Motorola phone is just one example of how everyone wants to keep bigger portion of the pie for themselves. Why these companies will walk away with bloody noses is because they are not thinking about the consumer – the ultimate guy or gal who spends the money. As this report indicates that problems are a lot worse than most people realize. Record executives are so worried about piracy (which essentially means how keep their $1000-a-day habit intact) and are becoming mobile industry’s biggest problem. Steve Jobs has an opening here if only he lets the fans decide on DRM … When phones like Sony Ericsson’s Walkman phone start hitting the market, what will happen then? I think this mobile music will be asphyxiated in near term, unless folks get a grip on their greed. Meanwhile expect iPod to continue its string of successes!

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