Dayton Ohio Now Has Free WiFi

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Okay the headline is slightly misleading, but most consumers can get free wi-fi internet access in a limited test area in Dayton, Ohio. It it works then the experiment would be extended to other parts of the city itself. Proponents of the experiment say that this “move makes Dayton the first city in Ohio to initiate citywide, edge-to-edge WiFi coverage. Dayton also becomes the first city nationally to offer a public-private partnership WiFi model that is not funded by taxpayers and comes at no charge to the end user.” Dayton City Commission has approved a test “agreement with HarborLink Network to test and prove a WiFi meshed architecture within an approximately one square-mile area of downtown, which includes the Oregon Business District, RiverScape, Fifth Third Field, Webster Station, and Tech Town areas.” [via Broadband Reports ]

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