Razr, the IT phone?


Motorola hasn’t figured out how to make its user interface human friendly. Which is surprising given that its a phone of choice of the soigne set, Pop Sugar reminds us.

Nicky talks on it while she shops. Stamos gets so excited by his dates phone that he loses the girl. Alias has Sydney use it while she was lying in the coffin next to a man she could help identify by using the camera. Who can blame these folks for wanting the thinest, most beautiful phone out there.

Seriously someone is doing a good job of placing the phone in those television shows.


Jesse Kopelman

I put a question mark because it was obvious you meant Apple even though they were not the only logical choice. The humor is lost in text, I’m afraid . . .

Om Malik

oh i thought you were putting a qiestion mark there. sure they have done a good UI. Sony Ericsson is disappointing despite their heritage

Jesse Kopelman

Just saying you Apple guys seem to think they are the only ones who can do UI and that is just not true.

Mike D.

“Motorola hasn’t figured out how to make its user interface human friendly.”

Hmmm, sounds like a job for a certain company we know of…

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