Nikon partners with Griffin for D70 iPod Photo attachment


Today Griffin Technology announced they will be releasing a new attachment for the iPod Photo that will allow Nikon’s D70 digital SLR camera to be attached to the top of the iPod Photo.

The iNikonD70iPodPhoto will allow the iPod Photo to act as a battery pack for the D70 as well as storage for photos.

The iNikonD70iPodPhoto should be ready for release by July of this year and will retail for $39.99.


Update: We’ve also been given word that Griffin is in talks with Canon for the release of the iRebelXTiPodPhoto. We’ll update you when more info becomes available.


Nick Santilli

now they just neds to get on the stick and release an attachment to secure the iPod to a tripod (triPod???) for easier consolidation of gadgets into one simple unit…

of course the triPod should be made of gold to counter the weight of the camera/ipod, but no biggie.

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