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iNote: The Apple PDA

Sources tell us that Apple will be releasing, in the coming months, a sort of PDA. It will be entitled iNote.

iNote will run a modified version of OS X called XNote. Many of the current Mac apps will be available (iCal, Mail, Preview, Safari, iPhoto, iTunes, and QuickTime to name a few) but will be modified versions for use on the small screen space. According to the images we obtained, it looks as though there may even be a modified iDVD (think super portable video editing).

Internet connectivity will be available via WiFi and Bluetooth.

One very nice feature (we think atleast), is a new application called SmoothClick which provides remote control functionality for use with various programs such as Keynote and iTunes.

Hardware features:
20 or 40GB Hard drive
256MB of RAM
1.4GHz CPU (we believe it to be a modified G4)
Airport Extreme

iNote is currently scheduled for a late fall release and will have a base price of around $350.

We received the following images from our source.

Note: Click on the thumbnails for a full size image:

iNote Vertical

iNote Horizontal

iNote Back

76 Responses to “iNote: The Apple PDA”

  1. It’s a shame apple doesn’t have something equivalent to a pocket pc. If they produced an Apple pda there would be so many mac fans who would switch their pocket pc in an instant and I would definitely be one of them!

  2. Considering Qtek S100 is similar to my imate jam the only way to have a wifi connection is through a wifi sd card like the Spectec lan card I’m currently using. The 4GB memory cards are indeed something to be excited about. Hopefully I will be one of the first to buy them!

  3. James – intrigued as to how you’re able to “browse wirelessly even at home with my airport express” given that the Qtek s100 doesn’t have Wi-Fi?

  4. Well until Apple finally realises how useful portable all in one devices are as they make our lives so much easier, so eventually they will dominate the market just like mobile phones did, I will be using windows based mobile phone/pda hybrids just like the Qtek s100 that I got just a few weeks ago and miraculously replaced my ipod photo, my sony erricsson s700 and my old sony digital camera. sometimes I don’t even have to carry my powerbook 17″ around anymore as I can also get my emails and browse at the wifi spots I always used. wow! I didn’t think that the day to have almost everything in just one small portable device (smaller than my quickly forgotten ipod photo) would come so soon. Don’t get me wrong I am no windows fan and I never owned a pc since my first apple IIc but this pocket pc thingy rocks. I can listen to almost all of my itunes music with my three 2gb SD cards which will soon ne replaced by the newly released 4gb sd cards, I can watch videos, browse wirelessly even at home with my airport express, write emails, chat, take pictures, or videos and the possibilities are almost endless with a huge amount of software and hardware out there to expand its capabilities just as with a full sized computer. I think that apple should take note of this new breed of devices and prove that it can lead the way once again. I believe in them and I know that this day will come in the not too distant future

  5. What a dream it would be. Apple would be the company to produce an elegantly integrated iPDA-iPodPhoto-camera-phone with enough memory and battery life to satisfy; the all-in-one device I’ve been dreaming of.

  6. Jakey

    Really tough, Apple MAY take another crack at a handheld…obviously with like an itunes controler on top or something, but if apple hadn’t shved the newton out into the market so quickly they probably could be at the top of the PPDA market.

  7. Pleace with a GSM function this would kick ass

    Using an iMate Jam now same size as my iPod photo.

    Wow it would be awsome to have to drag only one device!

    And processor speed even 600 would be good

  8. lol…with those specs, they would just run the full version of Mac OS X. It would be the fastest PDA on the planet by power of 10.

    Does it come with a GeForce 4 too?

  9. “B) More importantly, why would a PDA which only connects to the net via airport and bluetooth have a modem icon on the finder bar. I think the term is “D’Oh” to whoever didn’t healing-brush that one out.”

    actually………the modem icon would be to connect via bluetooth. the bluetooth icon is for pairing and browsing devices. but to use bluetooth for dialup, one would use “internet connect” with the modem icon.

  10. Richard

    You know, if it WERE an actual Apple product…I’d pay the $350 for it, in a heartbeat. Just because it’s so damn cool.

    But I’d want a modem in it, too, for those emergency moments when you can’t find a WiFi network and need to get on the net.

  11. Math Campbell

    Nice One, Happy April Fools all.
    Pity that whoever did it (great cgi) didn’t remember to mock-up a decent desktop screenshot. A) The icons would be bigger and more PDA friendly, but B) More importantly, why would a PDA which only connects to the net via airport and bluetooth have a modem icon on the finder bar. I think the term is “D’Oh” to whoever didn’t healing-brush that one out.

  12. David Olson

    I am surprised there were not the typical responses to the article (which wrecks the fun), so I will give a few: (1) WOW! I can’t wait, I will buy one as soon as they come out. (2) Better than any Pocket-Windoze junk. (3) Dell is coming out with one twice as fast and has a lot more software and costs half as much, enough of this “Apple-tax.”

    Seriously, a good mock up and a clean design. I would love to have a MacTablet or MacHandheld. But I am afraid it would end up sitting next to my old Clie. When I need a computer I tend to need the screen size or keyboard of my PB.

  13. Nollind Whachell

    Someone ought to make a site that just shows all the cool Apple stuff that people think up (and mock up). Would be cool to imagine the possibilities.