iNote: The Apple PDA

Sources tell us that Apple will be releasing, in the coming months, a sort of PDA. It will be entitled iNote.

iNote will run a modified version of OS X called XNote. Many of the current Mac apps will be available (iCal, Mail, Preview, Safari, iPhoto, iTunes, and QuickTime to name a few) but will be modified versions for use on the small screen space. According to the images we obtained, it looks as though there may even be a modified iDVD (think super portable video editing).

Internet connectivity will be available via WiFi and Bluetooth.

One very nice feature (we think atleast), is a new application called SmoothClick which provides remote control functionality for use with various programs such as Keynote and iTunes.

Hardware features:
20 or 40GB Hard drive
256MB of RAM
1.4GHz CPU (we believe it to be a modified G4)
Airport Extreme

iNote is currently scheduled for a late fall release and will have a base price of around $350.

We received the following images from our source.

Note: Click on the thumbnails for a full size image:

iNote Vertical

iNote Horizontal

iNote Back