Cell Phones Might Become Unusable

The cellphones are getting too complicated, thanks largely due to problems of packing too many features into the phone. In the near future it is clear that the phone makers will have to work on coming up with user interfaces that pass the mom-test, yet retain street cool cred. I think this is going to be an interesting challenge for companies to tackle, as most of them have disappointed thus far. Moto Razr, despite its devilish good looks and a super model body has a bulimic UI. The Feature asks, “How do you let owners find what they’re looking for in a coherent and friendly manner?”

The menu-or-icon driven UI is becoming a tad difficult to use in these times when video playback, camera and photo galleries and even mp3 players becoming standard features. Samsung which used to have a nice menu system reminds me of Madison Avenue at rush hour – beautiful girls except you can’t distinguish one from another. Sony Ericsson and Nokia have a little control over their UI, but not completely. “The situation will become even worse when handsets deliberately start blurring the distinction between data held locally and that accessed across the network. It’ll be all too easy to confuse end-users,” The Feature writes. I concur. Welcome to a new cell phone user hell!


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