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Apple To Release Home Media Center: iHome

The Apple Blog has obtained, from reliable sources, information on an upcoming release from Apple of the much rumored home media center. It will be called iHome. The following images that we received from said source are believed to be a mix of official product photos (promo images) as well as product mock ups.

iHome will have the following specs:
The ability to stream video/audio/pictures from and to many Apple products (iPod, shuffle, all laptops, all desktops) on it’s local network.
450 gig hard drive.
1.5 GHz G5
2GB of RAM (upgradeable to 6GB)
SuperDrive (can burn DVD’s in real time)
Component, composite, S-Video, DVI, and HDMI inputs and outputs.
5.1 Digital audio output
Airport Extreme
AM/FM Tuning

The base price for iHome will be approximately $1,500. A release date is unknown though sources believe it could be ready by late summer or early fall.

Note: Click on the following thumbnails for a full size image.


iHome Front View

iHome Back View

iHome Speakers and Sub woofer

iHome Speaker and Sub woofer Front View

iHome Remote

iHome Sub woofer Bottom

iHome Speaker Set

Note: We’ve also received information on the release of an Apple PDA, the iNote.

59 Responses to “Apple To Release Home Media Center: iHome”

  1. MacMan

    Okay, okay.. to me the speakers look like a mix of a Bose Lifestyle system and one of those clear subs for macs. In reality, there would not be more that on Video output and there would be all the speced. inputs.
    theres my 2 cents..

  2. I think that i love Apple, but it’s taking over the technologically advanced world. Next i guess they’ll make an Ipod that can be playd with USB’s. that would be awesome. like a DVD that could hook into your ipod.

  3. I think that i love Apple, but Apple is taking over the technologically advanced world. That would definately be awesome though because apple is allover the world now. Next i guess they’ll make an Ipod that can be playd with USB’s. that would be awesome. like a DVD that could hook into your ipod.

  4. Víctor José García

    I was waiting for this!! but… i don’t see de HDMI input and output in de image.

    Why G5 and not Intel???

    Let’s see!!!

  5. Let’s face it. These are fakes. Look closely enough and u can clealy see the gentle gradients in the vents on the rear. Good fakes but fakes they still are.

    I have to say though, fakes come around for a reason and what’s more, the iPod was a ‘fake’ 18 months before it was released. You think apple think up their own stuff. Think different? Think different person!

    Keep up the good work though. Maybe if people stopped creating rumours about future apple releases and actually sent some real ideas into apple then ‘fakes’, or as i like to call them; ‘designs’, would have a proper place in all this.

  6. k9calamity

    You know…. If Jobs came out with the intell core duo, low power consuming, 500GB model of this… I would buy it… But not for $1500… Thats what free (service provider’s) DVR’s and a cheap, cheap TV out card are for…

    However, if this was more… lets say.. $500, I would get it… Maybe… But hey, my TV supports wireless computer connection stuff… So I’m okay… Pluss, withe airtunes, I have no need for it.

    (Take a look at the new Tivo also… It can play photos from ur mac!)
    (Then look at airport express.. Music!!!)
    (OOOO, now get a “vga-svideo or a dvi-svideo” connector from apple for what… 19 bucks?

    There you go..

  7. OneThirtyEight

    Oh, and the funniest thing about this whole joke is…
    1,500 Dollars!! LOL!! Apple…haha… yeah right…. More like 4k and your firstborn child.

  8. OneThirtyEight

    I see they fix’d the typo.
    So… how about one of you geeks make something out of this.. Apple case modders have been doing cool shit for a while now. How about making one of these things REAL?
    If not… then make a PC Media Center case that looks similar to this, cuz’ that’d be fuckin sweet.

  9. Ian Says:
    April 1st, 2005 at 11:40 am

    It’s bizarre that someone spent so much time/detail on these but left a port labeled “DIGIATL OUT” in big, bold letters

    I don’t see the mistake. Did they fix it and try to cover it up? i see DIGITAL. Google image search. It turns up more pics of this iHome. I am 50-50 on the realness of it

  10. ARI-Boy

    Why would any kind of “iHome” need any kind processor or RAM?

    Just want a device that (wirelessly) links my Mac with a TV and hi-fi to store and display media files, possibly works as a PVR too with the ability to archive onto DVD or CD.

    These kind of April Fool mock-ups are all well and good, but completely off the mark as to what is actually required IMHO!