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Apple To Release Home Media Center: iHome

The Apple Blog has obtained, from reliable sources, information on an upcoming release from Apple of the much rumored home media center. It will be called iHome. The following images that we received from said source are believed to be a mix of official product photos (promo images) as well as product mock ups.

iHome will have the following specs:
The ability to stream video/audio/pictures from and to many Apple products (iPod, shuffle, all laptops, all desktops) on it’s local network.
450 gig hard drive.
1.5 GHz G5
2GB of RAM (upgradeable to 6GB)
SuperDrive (can burn DVD’s in real time)
Component, composite, S-Video, DVI, and HDMI inputs and outputs.
5.1 Digital audio output
Airport Extreme
AM/FM Tuning

The base price for iHome will be approximately $1,500. A release date is unknown though sources believe it could be ready by late summer or early fall.

Note: Click on the following thumbnails for a full size image.


iHome Front View

iHome Back View

iHome Speakers and Sub woofer

iHome Speaker and Sub woofer Front View

iHome Remote

iHome Sub woofer Bottom

iHome Speaker Set

Note: We’ve also received information on the release of an Apple PDA, the iNote.

59 Responses to “Apple To Release Home Media Center: iHome”

  1. Hey DUMBASS, learn how to use apostrophes. “DVD’s” is totally, totally wrong. The apostrophe doesn’t need to be there. Also, you say that the device connects to “it’s” home network. You MORON.

  2. Net Nutz

    It could have a wheel, in sofware since the remote is touch screen. Would just have to be 2 cirlcle (inner one gray filled in or some such) with the 4 buttons moved to the 4 corners instead maybe. Not impossible, he just didn’t mock it up.

  3. Actually, guys. I think if you look closely, it has the same power connection that the Mac Mini has. It’s the left-most port.

    Not that I think this is real, of course.

  4. Uncle Crusty

    Very nice fakes. However, may I say that watermarks suck. They really detract from the lovely effort that went into creating these. Are you really *that* worried about people stealing your pictures?

    Sorry, had to rant.

  5. Robert Boylin

    Good effort! IMHO Jobs probably has some new features more important than packaging a PC in a consumer box. I would like to see a web distribution service that allows subscribers to download via a Bit Torrent type technogy with their Apple hardware based on the forthcoming Cell processor. Add ultra wi-fi to be able to distribute HD video directly to monitors and audio units of Apple’s design Sony is building their own FAB for Cell production and Toshiba might do so as well once volume grows. IBM’s production won’t be consumed by their workstation products. I’m hoping Apple’s secrecy is at work in their not being announced as a Cell partner.

  6. Josh told me he had something big planned for today, but he refused to tell me what. Either he is an amazing practical joker, and a wiz at photoshop (which he is), or he has really really bad timing when it comes to big announcements.