Apple releasing Mac OS 9.0 for free


Following in the footsteps of the release of System 7.5.3 for free in January 1999, Apple has decided to give away Mac OS 9.0 operating system for free since it’s been replaced by Mac OS X, and not used by OS X’s Classic (Mac OS 9.2.2 is required for Classic.). Sources at Apple have said that since 9.0 runs on all PowerPC Macs and Mac OS 9.2.2 doesn’t, Apple has decided to release 9.0 to support its past customers who have Power Macintoshes that have PowerPC 601, 602, 603 or 604 processors. Mac OS 9 can be updated to 9.1 using a free updater available from Apple’s website.


rowhel paler

my older version of mac is 4.3 can i upgrade to 5.0 or higher

puddin tain

i have downloaded boot leg copies of o.s. 9………….dig deep into google its there


I’ve searched for several hours now but I’m not able to find a download location for OS 9. Can you help me please? I need it for an old PowerBook 1400c.


Yes, you can get OS9 for free now.

Just check Apple’s old OS pages – OS6, OS7 and OS9 are now all free.
To get links just check Basilisk II or SheepShaver sites.

And don’t ask my why OS8 isn’t free, I haven’t a clue.

Aaron Gas

I clicked OSX, every since then I have not been able to get my protools up. My DAE’s are missing.


i got a camcorder and its a megxon V1200 and i need the software 9.1 mac …
and when i try to install it ..its says something about the classic enviroment were do i go abouts with that??? please help im not very good with this stuff


is there any type of program for downloading music besides limwire for Macs?


hi, does anyone knows where I can download mac os 9 in spanish for a mac 9600/300? thanks


osx is cool but it won’t allow me to open certain programs because i need os 9.0 How can i get 9.0?


edit of above:

Also, There are Versions upthere that are designed to run on Mac OS X Classic.


If you guys are so desperate for Mac OS 9 Classic go to Torrent Sites and look for Mac OS 9, I downloaded a Retail Version of Mac OS 9 to run on my SheepShaver Emulator.


Umm, why is everyone asking for help and a download? Asking for a download is w4r3z, and I doubt that any one of us can help. I mean, the answers and pretty obvious sometimes, and especially when you type haphazardly.


i bought an imac 0s10.4 tiger system for my disabled daughter for christmas , my problem is i cant run her favorite games she used to use on her perform 64. i get a message telling me ineed os9.2 classic to run theses games. i would greatly appreciate it if someone could send me a link to download this system. im told i can bbot up either os9 or osx on this computer . then she could enjoy her games. or if i could get a site to download some frre games , she likes one esp callled (thinking things) that would already be able to run on 0sx


I am trying to transfer files from a G3 to a G5. G3 has and OS 8.6 with a SCSI and the G5 OS X with firewire and USB ports. The Ethernet will not work between these two OS systems and the ports do not communicate. It is frustrating that Apple does not help us to use the equipment we have to their potential.


I have an iMac OS X purchased in 2005. I have some games, both downloaded from my OS 9.6 and CD-ROMs that I can’t open because it says apparently I need Mac OS 9 installed on my OS X…What’s up with that???!!! What should I do? Is it a program I need to install and, if so, where to go…Will it interfere with my running the OS X?

Thank you!
Jennipooh in Ohio


I love classic OS for mac, specifically 9.0-9.2 & 8 is great ONLY USING X ON MY POWERBOOK



I need 9.0 for my old mac G3 Blue and white I am running 8.6 can you help


Though, it would make sense to do 9.1 over 9.2, as 9.2 will not boot a lot of old Macs (G3 or higher if I remember correctly…or was it USB…I guess I don’t remember). It would be nice if Apple would release 8.0 – 9.2.2, so I wouldn’t have to worry about keeping all of my CDs for them.

response to will

will – supporting your LCIII with 9.0 will be pretty difficult because the last OS to support the 68030 is 7.6

Plus, this is an April Fools joke – if Apple were to make an OS a reference OS, it would have done it with 7.6, or 8, long before 9 (and the silly comment about 9.2 needed for OS X – 9.1 is needed, 9.2 is optimal, 9.x are free updates to 9, etc.)


Now what would be really nice if Palm would open up (source code…not just binaries) BeOS for everybody. Now that would bring new life to old Macs (and PCs for that matter).


Or if you simply follow his link, you can see that OS 9 is NOT listed for download with System 7. Only the updates are available.


While there is precedent for this type of action in the past, it usually has to do with a court order rather than Apple’s generousity. While this would greatly simplify my efforts to support a PowerMac 7200, 4400 and an LC III with Apple II card that I still have to support, my gut instinct is that the story is false (being April Fool’s day) or there’s a much bigger story beneath the surface as to what has caused Apple to release 9.0 to the public.

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