Apple preparing to sue The Apple Blog silly


Sources have revealed that Apple Legal has been in contact with The Apple Blog following this morning’s revelation of iHome and iNote, demanding that they remove all images and specifications of the aforementioned devices. Reaction to the news has been mixed, but most of the blog’s writers are astonished that Apple even read the blog’s postings. “What? You mean Apple’s actually developing this stuff? We were freaking kidding, man!” Josh Pigford, TAB’s founder, said when reached for comment. He further maintained that all iNote and iHome specifications were reached independently, with no input from Apple employees or contractors, and that any relationship to a future or existing Apple product was purely coincidental.



Does it matter how many stories have been posted? Slashdot slapped several dozen jokes on their “news” site over the course of the day. Anyone trying to keep track was left with their head spinning.


The secret to a great April Fool’s is to develop a story and then keep quiet, not back it up with a second and third story. The PDA story was good, the Media Centre was better, but both only dillutes your original joke. This third post just smacks of attention seeking.

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