Netfront updated for Pocket PC


Netfront has long been a good browser for the Pocket PC but has never worked in VGA under Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition.  That is, until this new version 3.2 that I just happened to see on the Access web site.  It’s in Japanese but it does say it supports WM2003SE so that should mean the native VGA support is there.  I haven’t tried it yet but will do so and report here how it works on a VGA PPC.



Steven Hughes

Rough translation of features:

Features for NetFront v3.2 for Pocket PC

● Pocket PC2003/2003SE compatabile

● Flash (R)
The Macromedia (R) the Flash (R) installing the Player by, with the Pocket PC2003/2003SE machine perusal of the Flash contents possible

● Java TM
The Java execution via environmental ‘ JV-LITE2 CE Edition ‘ by ACCESS which conforms to the J2ME TM CDC, corresponds to the CDC HI loading

● Rapid-Render TM
By the HTML text indicating hyper link in beginning, makes the picture and the table indicate et cetera in next, sight indication acceleration

● Smart-Fit Rendering TM
In combination with the sight to the picture size of the PDA, easyly to see re-designing. Without operation of the side scroll * bar without stress the general sight perusal possibility

● Multiwindow
With the tab, changing five windows, indication possible

like I said roughly translated…


I installed this version of Netfront. The browser looks good…However, everything is in Japanese and I didn’t have the time to try and figure out how to configure it…

I ran it in VGASE Landscape mode and the location bar is normal sized and the web pages look nice…

I uninstalled it and I’ll wait for the english version to come out…

Thanks for the link, now I know to keep my eye out for the english version.

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