MSN Video Downloads launched

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MSN has launched the official version of the MSN Video Downloads service.  MSN Video offers video content that can be downloaded for playback on Portable Media Centers (PMCs) and Windows Mobile devices like Pocket PCs and Smartphones.  The premium service costs $20 per year and allows downloading of all content available on the service.  The content on the service currently is not very wide ranging but they are signing new providers all the time and the service may develop into a good source for video on the go.  There is a free version available to let you try out the service to see if you find it worth the money for the premium version.  I may be alone but this seems a lot like the old Microsoft Plus Sync n Go which was totally free.

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I tried this service about a month ago and the best clip that its small install program downloaded was the first episode of ‘Paddington Bear’ (if you are from the UK and 30-ish you will know Paddington Bear). But apart from that I was not impressed as the download program just keep downloading the same content again and again filling my HD. Also the content never changed, so maybe I just discovered the beta before it’s release.

Nice to see MS provide at least some legal video for the Portable Media Centers as the only other content is largely illegal from filesharing networks.

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