Trump’s Towers get WiFiber

Trump’s various towers are getting a lot of bandwidth, thanks to GigaBeam’s WiFiber technology. Using company’s wireless technology, Microwave Satellite Technologies (MST,) a small New York City service providers is connecting the Trump International Hotel & Tower at Columbus Circle and a residential Trump building, Trump Place at 180 Riverside Boulevard in New York City. The WiFiber link enables the 49-story Trump Place to get voice, video and data offering, will enable residents at this location to subscribe to high-speed data services, both wired and wireless, voice/video-over-IP, high-definition television programming and video-on-demand. This installation is the first of 20 WiFiber links, which MST plans to deploy throughout New York. WiFiber is a kind of fixed wireless technology that enables gigabit point-to-point connections that operate in the 71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz radio spectrum bands. In late 2003, this portion of the radio frequency spectrum was authorized by the Federal Communications Commission for wireless point-to-point commercial use. Use of these frequency bands was pioneered by GigaBeam’s founders. Talking about MST, what happened to their partnership with Vonage? Is MST Vonage’s have a secret last mile play? Back in February 2004, MST and Vonage announced a partnership. The partnership called Nuvisions Digital Voice, is live on a website which looks precisely the same as Vonage website (sans the logo.) Hmmm!!!