Tablet PC as the ultimate meetings manager


The Tablet PC can fill many roles within the workplace, many of which are not always obvious.  Patrick Mayfield has written an article that details how he used his Tablet PC and MindManager to manage a large meeting.  It’s a must read for Tablet owners wanting to capitalize on the benefits MindManager brings to the Tablet PC.

Anyway, at yesterday’s meeting I added one additional piece of technology – my beloved Tablet PC – and I believe it improved the effectiveness of our day even further. With the Tablet we were able to:
  1. Use blank slides in a hyperlinked PowerPoint presentation as an ‘electronic blackboard’ (yes, the background was black) using ink annotations;
  2. Track discussion on topic ‘sub’ Mind Maps using the pen-enabled feature of Mind Manager X5; and
  3. Ink annotate Word and Excel documents that we reviewed as a group. (These were proposed changes to key courseware elements in which we all had a keen interest.)

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