Port EOS- Ergo Station for the notebook


Eos1Eos2There have been notebook stands around for a while that provide a docking solution while propping the notebook up so a more ergonomic placement is possible.  These stands allow you to dock the notebook so it can be used with USB peripherals such as mice and keyboards and also move the notebook’s display up more toward eye level.  Case and backpack maker Port has produced the EOS/ Ergo Station + Hub USB which is definitely the most attractive design I have seen.  The EOS has 4 USB 2.0 ports integrated into the stand and the base allows you to swivel the notebook a full 360 degrees for the ultimate placement on your work surface.  The use of the EOS also stimulates air flow around the notebook making for a much cooler running device.  You can adjust the EOS into 4 different positions on the fly providing for just the right placement of the notebook screen.  62 Euros.

(via TRFJ)

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