Ron Jeremy Offers Favorites


Ron Jeremy MobileFor those of you who haven’t heard, Ron Jeremy is the “world’s most famous adult entertainment star” – although I’d restrict him to male stars, and point out that there probably haven’t been many surveys on the topic. Still, I did see him on mainstream chat shows in Australia… to the point: He’s launched RJ Mobile, a self-branded adult entertainment site, where he will “recommend his favourite all-time scenes from his and his friends’ personal libraries” for users to download at £1.5 a pop. There’ll also be groantones (like moantones), wallpapers, and text flirting (one-on-one SMS conversations from a selection of female characters).

He’s certainly thought about the cash potential. “RJ mobile subscribers will be charged £1.50 for each week that they remain with the service. This charge will allow the downloading of any single piece of content plus a personal photo blogging account. Additional videos, wallpapers, Groantones and text flirts will be charged at £1.50 per item…Forty new, 30-second clips will be available each week.”

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