Orb Cuts Fees For “Anywhere, Anytime” Access


This is interesting…Orb Networks, which at the beginning of the year launched software that allowed users to access content on their personal computer from mobile devices for US$9.99 per month, has now announced the service will be free to consumers with no “new monthly fees for new and current customers”. Was this because take-up was very slow? Of course, the last lot of business models that involved giving away the product for free with no revenue stream failed spectacularly, and Orb knows this.

“Orb is aggressively forming strategic partnerships with content providers and consumer electronic companies. These partnerships will provide Orb with a sustained commerce stream through co-marketing relationships and transactions for music, video, audio and other services.”

I have no idea what this means, and I’m interested to find out. Will Orb promote subscription services and get a cut of its refered sign-ups? Will a person transfering a song be presented with the opportunity to buy a wallpaper or ringtone based on the tune? Will it just be ads are included? And what of Orb’s new photo-sharing service, which “offers customers a complete digital media portal where they can simply choose any of their favorite photos and send them to one or many of their friends and family for free viewing”? Stay tuned for further developments…

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